What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file that websites back up to your computer or mobile device when you visit. It allows these sites to remember your actions but also your preferences (user name, language, font size, display settings, personalization, advertising, interest center, statistics visits) for a given time, so that you do not have to specify this information whenever you visit these sites or navigate from one page to another.

To insure the smooth running of our pages, we sometimes have to record small files of data on the equipment of our users. Most of the big Web sites do the same.

How do we use cookies ?

The site webjc.com/pendulum/ use only one cookie, this cookie is not require consent and is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the site.

List of cookies used on webjc.com/pendulum/ :

Name Domain Description Origin Duration Type
ASPSESSIONID webjc.com This cookie ensures navigation on our website and preserves user states through page requests, does not require consent. Internal / Session Duration of the session Functional

How to control cookies ?

You can control and/or remove cookies as you like. You can delete any cookies already stored on your computer and configure most of the browsers to block them. However, in this case, you may have to give by yourself some preferences each time you visit a site.

WARNING: Some services and features may not be available if you decide to reject all cookies.

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To know more consult aboutcookies.org