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  • DO YOU WANT to know if someone is good for you, or wants to harm you?
  • DO YOU HAVE a problem of sentimental disorder?
  • DO YOU WANT to regulary have lucky numbers in games?
  • DO YOU WANT to know if your projects are going to succeed?
  • DO YOU WANT to be able to answer with certitude ALL the questions that you ask yourself?

This is totally possible FOR YOU, even starting today.

Here is how I can allow you to use to your benefit, all the powers and secrets of the "Stopwatch Pendulum". It is the art of serving yourself to a special pendulum at some time.

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How does it works?

It's the main object of use for the very best clairvoyants and mediums.

I am prepared to reveal to you today my most efficient formul a for you to use and to exploit each of the powers of the "Stopwatch Pendulum"!

It's simple, easy to use, entertaining and... terribly efficient!

As soon as you have your "Stopwatch Pendulum" in your hands, you yourself, feel in touch with it's abilities.

Immediately you are aware of it's effects on all that's around you.

It's fascinating!

Having your "Stopwatch Pendulum" at your service, is like having at your disposition, resident in your home, a very efficient clairvoyant, available at any time that you need help.


It is very simple: Take your "Stopwatch Pendulum" between thumb and index finger very simply, as one would hold a photo. Then ask it a question which you know the answer to. For example: "is my name (say your name): if it begins to turn in a clockwise direction, this means "YES". If it turns the opposite direction to this (anti-clockwise), then this direction means "YES".

Once you have determined the "YES" direction of your "Stopwatch Pendulum", which will always be the same, the answer "NO", will of course bein the opposite direction. Now you can ask anything you like, about ANYTHING!

Simply concentrate on the questions that you are asking: it will show the answer yes or no by the direction in which it turns. If it fluctuates backwards and forwards, this is because it has some doubt about whether you are sufficiently concentrated. Relax, concentrate, then begin again, to be sure.

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YOUR 1st FREE GIFT: Your most favorable days!

I have designed for you, a case which comprises the 7 days of the week, engraved on 7 sheets of special parchment paper. Arrange each sheet under your pendulum and ask your questions. The answers will be even more efficient. THANKS TO YOUR "Stopwatch Pendulum", YOU CAN KNOW EVERYTHING.

Very importantly, I am offering you 3 accompanying GIFTS to allow you to get the most out of the pendulum!

You can ask it questions about everything that worries you. You must ask questions to which it can answer with YES, or NO.

For example: you have a considerable step to take, an important event, a special appointment to make.

Your "Stopwatch Pendulum" can give you lucky days when you have all the luck you need to succeed. What must you do? Ask your "Stopwatch Pendulum": "Will Monday be a good day for this appointment?" If the pendulum answers YES, continue: "will the morning be better than the afternoon?" and continue in the sameway...

If the answer is NO for the Monday, ask about the Tuesday etc...

Ask precise and direct questions. You can obtain in this way, a full "photograph" of the whole of your week "like a man (or a woman), warned and informed about everything", you will see that the whole of your life can be transformed from that day that you receive the "Stopwatch Pendulum", or the following day!

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TO WIN IN BETTING GAMES what questions should you ask?

An example of a good question: "Should I play a 5 this week?"

Your "Stopwatch Pendulum" answers by YES or by NO. In this way you can find out each number to use each week, so that you can find out the selection of your best digits. Here is an example of a bad question to ask: "what are the lottery numbers that I must play in order to win?"

Your "Stopwatch Pendulum" cannot answer you. But I have even great news!

To help you, I have specially prepared an ideal Lottery grid.

You just need to arrange your "Stopwatch Pendulum" on the grid, then ask it about each number, to create a selection of numbers.

I AM OFFERING YOU THIS SPECIAL LOTTERY GRID. "The Luck of winning can be yours tomorrow, thanks to your "Stopwatch Pendulum"

Your 2nd FREE GIFT:

Your special LOTTERY grid:

Because of this very helpful grid, you can obtain each week a selection of lucky numbers (that you have previously found out).

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CONCERNING LOVE, what should you do?

Here is a good example of a question to ask to your "Stopwatch Pendulum":

"Am I going to meet the Love of my Life this year?"

"In the month of July (or August, or September)?"

"In the first half of the month?"

"Will he be (or will she be) blonde?"

"Will their astrology sign be Capricorn (or Sagittarius, and so on until you find the right sign)"

In this way you can achieve great precision, and definitely avoid any errors. Here is an example of the type of question not to ask: "When am I going to meet the Love of my Life?" Your "Stopwatch Pendulum"cannot answer.

If you already love someone: Concentrate very hard on this person.

Write their first name down or arrange their photo on the parchment paper that I am offering you as the 3rd present, with your "Stopwatch Pendulum", then straight away, ask all the questions that have been preoccupying your mind:

"Is his love for me profound?" "Is there someone else in her life?" "Will our relationship last?" "Is there a risk of us breaking up?" "In 8 days, 1 month, 1 year...?" "Because of another person?" And in this way, you will finally KNOW EVERYTHING!

But that isn't all! You can go even further. You can "have an effect" on someone you love, by focusing as much as possible on the pendulum. You are going to be truly surprised about what you find out!

YOUR 3rd FREE GIFT: Your Special Love Parchment, will serve to help you with your questions concerning emotion. Specially designed to have a beneficial effect on questions concerning love, it can also be used as a GOOD LUCK CHARM, concerning LOVE.

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And even better, I am giving you THREE GIFTS totally And even better, I am giving you THREE GIFTS totally FREE: a "special lottery grid" to enable you to set up your games more easily, a game of plackets to find your days more pleasurable, to play and win more, and finally guidance on your path of life to allow you to resolve your emotional problems! HOW should you take advantage?: a "special lottery grid" to enable you to set up your games more easily, a game of plackets to find your days more pleasurable, to play and win more, and finally guidance on your path of life to allow you to resolve your emotional problems! HOW should you take advantage?

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And yet this power exists, and people do possess it. This power has existed for a very long time. It's efficiency is constantly proven. Luck still hasn't given it to you, as only the initiated possess it, and jealously keeps it secret. I am giving you today the opportunity of possessing it YOURSELF!

You could say that it is taking effect right now, which is for you, a happy sign of destiny. You must quickly decide to use to your advantage, all the powers of the "Stopwatch Pendulum", as this is the weapon to use in order to achieve success! You get used to using it very quickly (with my simple advice). It becomes totally indispensable for your existence.

There is nothing in the world, that you would accept to separate with it for. It is your best friend, your advice, your most reliable support. But how do you use all of it's powers? Your "Stopwatch Pendulum" has been specially designed to give you very precise answers.

The way that it is used has been established by the very best of specialists, and the 3 GIFTS that I am offering you and that you will receive with your "Stopwatch Pendulum", are the result of much research. As soon as you have the "Stopwatch Pendulum" in your hands, your whole life can change.

You can feel straight away, that it is a precious object. It is very pleasant to handle, and is discrete and practical. It also has true and virtuous soothing qualities. It is sometimes amazing, exalting, entertaining, or amusing!

Appealing to it and asking questions to it becomes a positive reflex which will feel natural to you. Yes, but "how should I help myself to this help?", I hear you ask. You don't know anyone who practices radiesthesie. You think you need a particular gift or talent?

No, not at all, because from the moment that you receive your "Stopwatch Pendulum", you can already find out numerous, efficient responses.

I would like to remind you that I am happy to present to you the "Stopwatch Pendulum" plus my three free GIFTS, at the exceptional price of us$29.95.

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