The Magical Drop

The fabulous magic pendant of luck and happiness

If you think that your present situation cannot stay as it is... if you think that your own situation is consuming you... if you think Lady Luck is passing you by... if you have an urgent need for money... if you lack love... and indeed, if you want this to change... it is absolutely necessary that you act... and you must act NOW  !


Be open to receive this EXCEPTIONAL Help which could change your whole life for the better...

Be open to receive this unexpected Help,

Accept to receive now (Yes, you read correctly, NOW) the most extraordinary, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS

Because this BENEFICIAL HELP would be able to, during the next few days, bring Lady Luck back into your life, filling you with her one thousand blessings, and especially, bringing a windfall of a large sum of money, if your Number One objective is to be able to win throughout the coming weeks.

It gives me great pleasure today to be able to offer you now (I really did say NOW), my most precious Lucky pendant, a gift of good fortune, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

As to the Why of such a help, I tell you, is simply because I think that you really NEED THIS HELP RIGHT NOW !

Indeed, I am just at this moment completing a project concerning you, and I perceive that some of your problems are not yet properly resolved, and worse, it seems that they have become exacerbated !

I propose that, if you do not take action NOW to turn this around, you are at great risk of finding yourself in a particularly embarrassing situation, of which I can say no more, other than YOU REALLY DON'T WISH IT UPON YOURSELF !

It is the reason for which, I decided to offer you this most precious Lucky pendant, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

What is the precise purpose of this powerful Lucky pendant ?

The goal of this Lucky pendant is to bring back to you this luck which is avoiding you , this luck that seems even to have been fleeing in the opposite direction from you.

You don't understand why luck flees from you, but it seems to you that your every effort to attract good luck to you (and Heaven knows that you have tried), it still evades you... You may even ask yourself whether you may be under a "curse" or "wicked spell" ? You don't really think this is indeed the case, but what you do know is that you can not let yourself go for much longer in this situation... You can not continue as it is.

Everything that you try seems to want almost always to result in failure, your life is not the one that you wish to lead and MONEY PASSES YOU BY !

Yes, up until now, life hasn't really smiled upon you and I think that it could continue thus if we don't do something to stop this phenomenon...

To big problems, we must apply effective antidotes, so I wish, with your permission, my astonishing and FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

It is said that this Lucky pendant attracts, (to the one that wears or carries it), Good Luck, Wealth and Love, as honey attracts bees or a magnet attracts iron; and that it would repel (and this is very important in your case) the negative vibrations of failure and misfortune.

It is indeed astonishing, as you are going to see ! It is true that when one looks at the different blessings that this Lucky pendant has already brought, we see that it is most effective when worn or carried on the person.

Some speak of "miracles", others of "supernatural phenomena" and yet others of "divine influences"

Very honestly, I don't have rational explanation for the surprising beneficial effects that this powerful Lucky pendant triggers, all that I know is that all those who have had the good fortune to carry it, for the most part, saw their life change the VERY NEXT DAY !

Here is a (short) sample of all the blessings that will be enabled by this powerful Lucky pendant in your life, (they are only examples):

You will be able to :

The list of all the blessings that come with this powerful Lucky pendant is too long to catalogue here.

All these could come to pass in your life as soon as you carry this Lucky pendant; yes, all these exceptional and beneficial events which you wait and hope for every day. You can be sure of it !

It will truly be an exceptional gift that you will receive, if I send you this powerful Lucky pendant, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

  1. first, because I only offer this precious HELP to certain people that deserve it, and especially, to those in whom I have absolute confidence !
  2. secondly, because this Lucky pendant was given to me by a famous seer, (now deceased). This Lucky pendant, as far back as one can remember, was among his most prized family heirlooms. His mother bequeathed it to him , she received it from her mother, who had received it in turn from her mother...

Indeed, this Lucky pendant is really something quite extraordinary; and its history is most surprising...

I am confiding all this to you, because I want to be sure that you understand the importance that this Lucky pendant has for me also, and the importance that it can have in your life.

But wait ! The best is yet to come ! Read what follows:

I have another Secret to reveal to you...

Yes, I have yet another secret to reveal to you about this Lucky pendant...

As you may have noticed, I believe that this powerful Lucky pendant, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT for LUCK AND HAPPINESS that I intend to send you, should change your life, as it has changed the life of many people who had the privilege of wearing it before you...

But this is not all, it could do even MORE FOR YOU !

Read carefully:

Yes, I know a magic formula that you will be able to use, a MYSTERIOUS SECRET MESSAGE that I want to give you, that will allow you to "program" your Lucky pendant so that it will achieve a very precise SECRET DESIRE !

Let's take an example if you will...

You wish, for example, for the person whom you love and who left you, to come back, to stay together for ever in love... !

Take your Lucky Pendant in your left hand, (the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS); then repeat the Mysterious Secret Message that I want to give you.

In a few days, your secret wish will be granted and you will be reunited with the person that you cherish in love more than any other.

I have myself already tested this MYSTERIOUS SECRET MESSAGE innumerable times, and I can affirm that it really seems to work ! The results are ASTONISHING !

For you, I already have "programmed" your Lucky pendant for a Secret Wish !... YES, I took the liberty of "preprogramming" your FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT OF LUCK and HAPPINESS (the one that I intend to send you).

This secret wish, for which I have "programmed" your Lucky pendant, is for you to receive a large sum of money in the 13 weeks after you receive your beautiful and powerful Lucky pendant, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT of LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

As soon as you have received your Lucky pendant, you will be able, if you wish, to "reprogram" it yourself, (with the help of your MYSTERIOUS SECRET MESSAGE), for another wish that you hold dear. It can be anything that you wish in the entire world... it is yours to choose.

You see, it is indeed very simple; you need only follow the confidential advice that I shall send in your MYSTERIOUS SECRET MESSAGE, to empower again and again your beautiful Lucky pendant, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT for LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

But it is now time for you to ask to receive your fabulous Lucky pendant, the FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT for LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

How can I receive this Fabulous MAGIC PENDANT for GOOD LUCK and HAPPINESS ?

You need only to complete your confidential FORM. (SPECIAL OFFER)

Attention: only this CONFIDENTIAL Form gives you right to receive your Lucky pendant, the FREE FABULOUS MAGIC PENDANT for GOOD LUCK AND HAPPINESS.

To receive it immediately, you need only to add the shipping costs, (your Lucky pendant is FREE), to the amount of my fee for the personal, confidential work that I have done for you.

Complete today this absolutely Confidential form. Don't delay, because it would be indeed a pity if you missed out on all the blessings that your powerful Lucky pendant can bring.

Complete your CONFIDENTIAL FORM now !

You may be assured to own your personal pendant. You will also feel the intimate sensation to have the pendant made specially for you personnally.

It will be for you the original Pendant, destined to you per sonnally, which will have undergone a special mystical and magical process resulting from a personal incantation; I shall have pronounced it myself in order to give it its total efficacy.

To attain a complete and TOTAL success in life, to be sure of finding THE REAL SOLUTION thanks to the Great Special Ceremonial, the Mystical Magical Ceremony I am due to work out for you, a ceremony strong enough to drive away decisively the negative waves making of you an innocent victim, so that this Magical Drop let at last overflow oceans of joys, happiness and Chances in your existence, wear at once this marvellous gem around your neck, and you will note positive results arrive soon after...

Life will at last flood you with a high tide of joys, of success, of any kind of Happiness.

Beneficial torrents of strong happiness and joys are going to pour into your life, exactly as if a dam had blown up on the course of a great river, letting suddenly a huge quantity of reach water discharge into the valley.

It will be a tidal wave of multiple joys, real flows of happiness and chances of getting money which may swoop down on you !

Indeed, it will be for you, if we get on together, strong and lofty moments of HAPPINESS, bonanza, new joys and money, which will overflow your life with the MAGICAL DROP as soon as you wear it around your neck.

Here is a choice of examples of what you can hope with the help of the Great Special Ceremonial, the Mystical Magical Ceremony with the MAGICAL DROP, the Fabulous Mystical Pendant of luck and happiness around your neck:

  1. Winning at games a very important sum of money ( play)
  2. Receiving the large Sum of money which could protect you from all worries,
  3. Inherit an important heritage you were not counting on,
  4. Finding a good job in your neighbourhood and above all well paid,
  5. Make peace and reconcile with a beloved person,
  6. Discover at last the truthful Great Love,
  7. Meeting again with the Great Love you had lost,
  8. Offer yourself the house of your dreams,
  9. See your mostly desired wish at last come true,
  10. Be relieved of the burden of counting before buying anything you wish.

In fact, what you can hope is the accomplishment of all your secret wishes.

Do not postpone any longer, ask me rapidly to send you IMMEDIATELY your MAGICAL DROP, the so precious Mystical Pendant of Luck and Happiness.

Each Pendant is produced and achieved by hand by the Glass-Blower.

The MAGICAL DROP the Fabulous Mystical Pendant of Luck and Happiness

Handmade with love, one by one, by the Glassmaker, each piece is unique. The Magical Drop, made with great care of natural glass, is a marvellous jewel which you wear around your neck at any time and in all circumstances.

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The MAGICAL GOLD DROP the Fabulous Mystical Pendant of Luck and Happiness

The Mysterious Mystical Gold Pendant of Luck, Happiness and Fortune, in order to decuple the efficiency of the Magical Drop, the Golden Magical Drop possesses in its centre a tiny drop of genuine 24 carat gold, the hall-mark of the glass-blower attests it and is a proof of authenticity.

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