You can loose 15 kg in 30 days without diet, without exercices

A test without any risks and without engagements of this new superactive slimming treatment is offered to you

Take advantage of it!

To allow you to judge quietly of the efficiency of the MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS, we are glad to offer you 1 month of test entirely on our risks. It means that, past this delay, you haven't lost all your superfluous weight, you just have to return us the MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS to be refund at once. So for this test, you won't have spent a penny. Recognize that it's impossible to be more honest than that. Imagine how sure we are of the results you're going to have with this MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS.

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Eat as much as you want in loosing weight

The MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS will be the last method of slimming you will need.

This miraculous product, tested and patented, will allow you to loose weight permanently.

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The MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS is an undoulourous method, like "acupuncture". It acts on points of the body which regularise the appetite and reduce its activity. It adapts itself very well on your right ear. The fact to wear it some hours per day is enough to make you loose some weight. Its action eliminates sensations of hunger and desireof food which prevent you to manage your diets.

No diets, no exercises, no pills. You loose weight without becoming nervous or irritable, without any dangerous secondary effects.

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We imagine how hard it was for you to loose weight before.

Now, with the MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS, you can manage. This method allows you to control your weight, without pills, will or tiring exercises. Centimeters and kilos have to disappear. The only thing you have to do is to stimulate you ear. You will feel better. You will feel your body becoming fitter and in a better health day after day.

The MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS is probably the better way to become happy, in good health and to keep your youth.

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This is not a cure of 30 or 60 days. Results are durable.

The MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS only costs US$19.95. We want you to stop spending money for slimming products. The pacemaker is valuable for years and as soon as you will need some help, you will only have to take it again.

You won't need to buy another diet, just imagine how much you will save !

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For an medical ear acupressure

For hundreds of years the magnetic power has been used in many cultures on our planet for healing of illnesses.

These MAGNETIC EAR-CLIPS can also help at:

Nervous centre (ER-JIAN): Mood, morale, pains of all kinds, Allergies, depressions

Head centre (ALIVAL): Vegetative dystony, Sickness while travelling, Ear-buzzing, Headaches, Giddiness

Pain centre (OMEGA): Chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, Junction point for sleeping disorder and vegetative dystony.

Abdomen centre (GANJANG 1): Painful menstruations, Lower abdomen pains, Distending.

Abdomen centre (GANJANG 2): Biliary tracts diseases or diseases of the upper parts of the abdomen.

Hunger centre (JI-KE-DIAN): Obesity, Addictions (tobacco for instance).

Sleep centre (JEROME POINT): Magnet on ear-front: difficulties in falling asleep, Magnet on ear-back: difficult whole-night sleep.

Setting up the magnetic clips is excessively simple

Just look at the picture and place them on the corresponding point. The acupressure process is then immediately activated. Of course your eating habits won't change profoundly in the next few hours. Some time is necessary for one's familiarization. It also varies from one person to another. However, in all cases, the loss of weight occurs in a completely natural way.

The Acupuncture, that is to say the treatment of sensitive points of the body with needles, is a Far-East method which has stood the test of time. While it is totally harmless, the replacement of the needles with very powerful magnets increases its effectiveness.

The Acupressure, which is the name of this new method, has proved itself successful. The points of the human body related to acupressure are spread uniformely. However the auricle is where these are the most numerous. They can be found densily there. Among them is a vey important one: "the appetite centre" (JI-KE-DIAN). When you activate this point through acupressure, you will act directly on the brain and on the regulation of appetite. The hunger sensations diminish considerably while the metabolism activates itself. Thanks to this little revolutionary method, losing weight no longer means thousands of various deprivations and frustrations.

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